About Us

Athena.pvt Ltd is an innovative, next-generation transport company. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the capacity, flexibility, security, and expert handling that they require in shipping and storing materials of all kinds. Founded by a team of highly experienced industry professionals, Athena.pvt Ltd harnesses the power of the most advanced IT to ensure that our freight forwarding and logistics solutions are the best and most reliable in the world.

An Unparalleled Commitment to Service

At Athena.pvt Ltd, proficiency in worldwide moving, freight forwarding, project logistics and related services is just the beginning. Beyond our expertise, we are also firmly committed to always putting our customers first. That means following up and following through on every transaction we manage. It means taking your business personally and always treating you with friendliness and courtesy. And it means always striving to find the most flexible and cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.

A Company You Can Depend On

From storage to logistics to worldwide shipping, the team at Athena.pvt Ltd has a proven track record of excellence. Our past projects include distribution of Motorola equipment throughout the Maldives islands, and support for numerous hotel projects, including the Four Seasons Resorts. When you contract with Athena.pvt Ltd, you are assured of receiving premium end-to-end service, including:

  • Timely alerts about vendor delivery, cargo pickup and progress, and container returns
  • Punctual performance of tasks, large and small
  • Optimal capacity and flexibility
  • Competitive prices
  • Utilization of cutting-edge IT
  • Quality-conscious, dedicated and knowledgeable employees
  • Prompt, detailed invoicing
  • Door-to-door and day-to-day distribution

Comprehensive Domestic Coverage

The Maldives is comprised of over 1200 islands, including some 140 scattered tourist resorts. Because of this unique geography, shipping in the Maldives presents substantial logistical challenges. While transporting goods via sea or air to the capital city of Malé is relatively easy, getting shipments to their final destination has always been a major issue, due to the lack of a reliable transportation network within the country.

Athena.pvt Ltd is specifically designed to address this problem. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the Maldives and exploiting multiple modes of transport, our developers and managers ensure that your cargo is delivered quickly and safely to your customers’ doors.

Our comprehensive access includes:

  • Male’ City/Port
  • Seenu Atoll Gan Port
  • Haa.Dhaalu Kulhudhufushi Port
  • Baa. Dharavandhoo Airport
  • Haa.Alifu. Hanimaadhoo Airport
  • Laamu Gan Airport
  • Gaafu Dhaalu Kaadedhoo Airport

Please contact us for full details about all routes and origins for air, road or sea transportation.


Through our relationship with Seguro, the Maldives’ leading insurance broker, Athena.pvt Ltd offers affordable cargo insurance with broad coverage and expedited settlement of claims. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our customers to provide them with greater security and peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

Experienced and friendly staff

All of our employees are experienced in all aspects of the freight forwarding process including import and export documentation requirements for all types of cargo.

24 Hours Support

We are Specialises in international freight forwarding of merchandise.

Mobile Shipment Tracking

We Offers intellgent concepts for road & tail well as complex special services.

Careful Handling

Athena pvt Ltd. are transported at some stage of their journey along world’s roads.

Time On Door Delivery

We Offers intellgent concepts for road & tail well as complex special services.